Yes, Whites Can Become Less Racist; Yes, Governor Northam Should Resign

Governor Ralph Northam clearly does not have a current record that shows him to be, in any sense of the word, racist.  However, he did something that was stupid. That said, it was not unforgivable.  But the way he handled it made it unconscionable, therefore, he must resign. Dumb Clearly, dressing up in any outfit […]

Smirk Face Boy Teaches Us a Lesson

Waiting for the Buses Imagine this:  You are a conservative Trump-supporting MAGA hat-wearing teenager.  You go to Washington D.C. for a March for Life event with your Catholic High School.  Most of your trip goes uneventfully until you get to the Lincoln Memorial and you are waiting to leave with your fellow classmates. You are […]

Stop Attacking Those Who "Evolve"

Lately, I have been seeing many tweets attributing positions to candidates who have evolved from those viewpoints.  I get it; they don’t seem as good as the candidate of YOUR choice.  But how can you expect me to come over to your way of thinking if you won’t even be honest about another person’s viewpoint.  […]

The Wall: A Trumpian Poker Match

As at least 400,000 American government workers face their first Friday without a paycheck, it doesn’t hurt to stop ourselves just for a moment and ask, “Are we doing this right?”  After all, this is a poker match being played by major characters leaving unpaid government workers as spectators to fend for themselves.  They don’t […]

Trump's Wall Speech: Time for a High, Beautiful Ceiling, Folks!

It is so great to be here in the great state of Arkansas at the southern border Steel Slats!  (boos) What’s that?  Oh Texas, yes, I mean Texas.  Such a great state.  You know what my cabinet calls them?  They are so nice.  They call them Trump Steel Slats! (cheers) I’ve been given some bad […]

The Difference between P**** and M******F*****

Both are highly inappropriate terms. (Which is why I don’t spell them out!), however, one is more wrong because of the message it sends and the intention behind it. “Impeach the M****** F*******” does not mean what it sounds like.  This is a phrase that was used in anger toward another person.  It is not […]

No Impeachment for Trump: A Liberal's Perspective

Last week, I showed how the military could see Trump’s lies in their own paychecks.  Then, I realized, it doesn’t matter that he lied about that to his own supporters.  I needed to find something that his supporters find so reprehensible that they can’t possibly show their support for him anymore.  Then, I realized, I don’t want […]

On MSNBC, Joy Reid had a great interview with Nancy Pelosi.  At about the 2:50 mark, she answers an equally excellent question from Ewaloua Ogundana.  The gist was, how do you handle the “mansplaining?” At the risk of sounding like I am mansplaining, I thought I’d give my two cents worth as an OWL Guy  […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - Bringing Out the Worst in White Men

Like the 291 members of the U.S. House of Representatives who voted before her, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (aka @OAC) rose to announce her vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. Unlike the 291 members before her, she was booed. An additional 143 members rose to vote and did not receive the same treatment. I […]