It’s All About the Independent Voters

When you are voting, you clearly have to follow your heart and vote for the candidate that most moves you.  However, when we are picking who we want to represent us in any run for office, we obviously have to consider the electorate.

For example, I live in Arizona.  In Arizona, we had a couple of choices for Senate on the Democratic side in 2018.  Ultimately, Arizona's Democrats chose to go with Kyrsten Sinema.  Why?  Probably because she was more of a centrist.  In Arizona, centrists play better than social Democrats.   Independents tend to be more left leaning SOCIALLY than FISCALLY.

In fact, Sinema even goes so far as to say she is "not a proud Democrat."  However, she is a proud Arizonan.  This played well with Arizonans.  Keep in mind, Arizona leans conservative, however, because of our massive pool of Independent voters, we have many who will look at the strengths and weaknesses of both candidates offered, and make an informed decision.  Arizonans, by and large, also like candidates who will work across the aisle to create bipartisan agreement.  Swing too far to one side, and you likely will not see that candidate win.

"But wait, Owlguy, Clinton was a centrist, why didn't she win?" you may ask.  Listen, as far as I am concerned, she won.  Yes, I know Trump won the Electoral College, but Clinton won the people.  Don't make the mistake of thinking that because Clinton didn't become president that she wasn't the right candidate for the party.  She was.  We need another centrist candidate like her.  I like what I see from the social democrats, but I like them more in the House of Representatives.  I'd even accept them in the Senate.  But as president?  No.  I am a pretty liberal guy both fiscally and socially, however, I am also a realist.

The president has to know how to compromise.  With the Senate and House split now, and most likely split for the near future.  And with a conservative Supreme Court, we are in serious need of a president who can walk the very fine line between both parties.  I also believe that person needs to be a woman.

Who?  I don't know yet.  But I will say this.  Whoever we choose MUST appeal to Independents.  We cannot win the White House with a social democrat on the ticket.  This is too important.

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