No Impeachment for Trump: A Liberal’s Perspective


Last week, I showed how the military could see Trump's lies in their own paychecks.  Then, I realized, it doesn't matter that he lied about that to his own supporters.  I needed to find something that his supporters find so reprehensible that they can't possibly show their support for him anymore.  Then, I realized, I don't want to do that either.

What I really want is for Trump to run for president in 2020.  Why?  Because if he is impeached (by the House and convicted by the Senate), anyone who replaces him is clearly going to be a better candidate running against a Democrat.  Not that our best Democrat couldn't handle it, I just like the odds more.  I ALWAYS liked Hillary's odds against Trump, and for good reason.  Nationally, she was always polling better.  Sigh.

This month, it will be two years that we have endured Unpresidential Trump. It has been  difficult two years.  However, in those two years, despite all that has gone on, his approval rating is largely unchanged. It has always been below 45% and usually runs between 40-43%.  It is time that we see this as a good thing.  Why?

We need to endure Trump for one year and eleven months.  When the Democrats win on Election Day 2020, we can spend the next two months celebrating.  With Trump in office until 2020, that will drive our anger all the way to the polls.  It will motivate us to work harder at finding better candidates than those who are currently in the Senate and the House.  Instead of focusing on the impeachment of one orangish-white man, we should be focusing on getting more women and minorities to fill the House and Senate.  Instead of demanding impeachment proceedings (especially before Mueller's investigation is complete), we should be encouraging our best and brightest young leaders to find their way to the Federal Election Commission (when they reopen after the Trump Shutdown) to file for a federal election, or go to their state's Secretary of State page to learn how to file for a state election.

Not interested in running yourself?  Who are the people in your circle of influence who can make an impact - start talking to them NOW.  Plant the idea in their head now.  She may not be ready to make a decision yet, but at least you have the thought percolating in her head.

Tell her you will support her if she runs.  Tell her you will knock on doors.  Tell her you will make phone calls.  Now is the time for action.  We cannot wait anymore. Stop sitting around on Twitter retweeting things that make you angry, get out there and run - or support someone you believe in! (Yes, I am doing the same!)

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