Political Blogs I Read

I like reading blogs written by one person.  Maybe because that is what I do!  That said, I read a combination of both.  The blogs below represent the ones that I enjoy reading and the ones from which I get my best information.  They are listed here in no particular order, but that may change.

Born to Run the Numbers  - Great articles with even better data.

Wonkette  - Just plain fun to read.  I love the sarcasm and witticism.

Feministing - This blog site does a brilliant job of bringing feminist issues to the forefront.  If old white men - especially OWL Guys, want to understand how feminists think, no holds barred, this needs to be a daily visit.

Feedspot  - Looking for the top political blogs in the country?  Here is a great place to start.  Check out their list of the Top 100 Political Blogs.  So far, owlguy.com is at number 91 and climbing!

Twitchy - US Politics - Want to know what politicians are doing on Twitter lately?  Look no further than this blog.

Hullabaloo - Captivating writing style; thoughtful arguments.

Sabato's Crystal Ball - Wow!  Impressive statistics and commentary.

FiveThirtyEight - Insightful data verified commentary.

Crooks and Liars - Thoughtful blog posts

Cook Political Report - Insightful commentary.  Easy reading.

Political Wire - Short reads with insightful commentary linking to other articles for more in depth reading.