What is an OWL Guy Anyway?

Since the signing of the Mayflower Compact, white men, and typically older white men, have been running this country.  White men decided that women couldn’t handle voting.  White men decided blacks were only worth 3/5ths of a white person.  White men were the first 43 presidents of the United States of America.  It took almost 150 years for white men to decide women should be allowed to vote and 175 years for them to make it easier for blacks to vote.  

Through all of this, there have always been a few OWLs (Old White Liberals) who have always thought that women and minorities deserved a stronger say in what happens in government, but there have always been enough OWMs (Old White Misogynists) and OWRs (Old White Racists) who tilted the seesaw away from balance.  In other words, OWMs and OWRs always felt they knew what was best for everyone.  In reality, they only cared about what was best for them.

OWLs are different.  OWLs believe that balance in government and business is the key to long-term health and success of our country.  We want MORE women in positions of power.  We want MORE minorities heading corporations and political positions.  We want more of this and less OWMs and OWRs.  We want it more that having those positions for ourselves.  Why?  Because we think it is high time that those in positions of power reflect the reality that IS the United States of America.  If fact, we are so confident, we think there is no harm in swaying the balance in the other direction – namely, more women and minorities than old white men – INCLUDING OWLs (including myself).

Some old, white men have been feeling the sting on the news lately.  To some, it feels as if we are being relegated to a second-class status.  There is a general anger coming from those in the media against old, white men.  It is easy to say, “Wait, what about me?  I am not that way.”  In fact, old white liberals make up a total of approximately 7,400,000 voters.  (A smaller number than I expected, by the way – out of 116 million voters).  keep in mind, 26% white male voters are OWL Guys.  While the number of white males to be dropping, what is really happening is the country is becoming more diverse and as that happens, the Democratic party appears more diverse.  We die-hard OWL guys aren’t going anywhere.  

This site does not support any one candidate for any office.  We do, however, mainly support women and minority candidates.  As the site grows, we will be highlighting the candidates who fit that criteria and encourage OWL guys to go out and show support in any way that we can. 

Remember, OWLs (including women) remain the largest group of supporters for the Democrats, so don’t diminish our value to the Democratic cause!

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