Youth In Congress – The Key to Change

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is certainly shaking things up in the House of Representatives, and she hasn’t even started!  She is talking about the health care benefits she and her fellow representatives will be receiving.  These are not things that the leadership in Congress usually wants to focus on.  

“Women like me aren’t supposed to run for office” she says in this now viral video.  But she did, and she won.  She beat an OWL guy, and she should have.  Most first term representatives have very little experience with politics.  To stay in office, she doesn’t have to convince the other representatives that she deserves to be there, she doesn’t have to make an impression on ALL of the voters, she just needs to keep her constituents happy.  By all accounts, she is already doing that.

Look at the comments in the link above.  There are clearly some unhappy Republicans out there.  But in social media, you can’t limit your comments to ONLY those from your district.  So, let them whine and complain all they want.  Keep listening to your gut and to your constituents.

The leadership in the House isn’t going to make things easy for you.  They are eventually going to try to get you to conform.  Don’t buy into that.  Only trust people who believe in your mission to keep things open – to tell the truth about how power corrupts.  Don’t stop getting your message out.  Keep telling us “how it really is” in Congress.  Never let them take you off message, but always, always keep an open mind. 

Study the way the Congress stopped the United States from entering World War II until Japan knocked on our door on December 7, 1941.  These so-called leaders were so full of themselves (Democrats included) that they ignored all the evidence.  Just like Republican leaders are with climate change in this day and age. (Thankfully, a plurality of Republican voters now believe in climate change.)  The difference is, the United States had to be attacked for them to change their mind.  We are being “attacked” by stronger and stronger weather events every year, yet the Republican leadership refuses to acknowledge it.  To them, it is just nature being nature.  

AOC, thank you for caring enough about our country to expose our leaders and right the wrongs that have been thrust upon us.  The Senate (even when it is Democratic) tends to have less interest in making changes where changes are necessary, but hopefully, with the leadership of people like you, that is changing.

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